Spare Parts

Spare Parts for Pool Equipment

Poolside Noosa stock a diverse range of spare parts for all types of pool equipment including parts for pool cleaners, heaters, chlorinators and pumps from our Noosa store. With over 30 years’ experience in the pool industry, we have a better understanding of what part is required for your equipment to work again, and our large facilities allow us to hold a greater range of parts than our competitors. Come into our showroom with your faulty equipment or a part number and have one of our technicians get your pool working properly again!

Our Repairs Workshop

Our large facilities and expert team of pool technicians allow us to offer extensive in-house servicing and a wide selection of spare parts. We’ve developed extensive ties to major manufacturers of pool equipment over our extensive time in the business, allowing us to source specialised parts for your equipment faster than anyone else. We’ve got parts for most major brands including, Hayward, Davey, Astral, Maytronics, Zodiac and many more.

Our range includes spare parts for:

  • Pool cleaners (robotic, suction and manual)
  • Pool Heaters (gas, electric element and heatpump)
  • Chlorinators
  • Pumps
  • A wide range of replacement wear items such as filters and baskets.

Furthermore, if you’re having trouble installing the new spare part, or are finding that it isn’t fixing the problem, you’re welcome to bring the difficult piece of equipment into our showroom for one of our technicians to inspect & assist you, or arrange for mobile maintenance and repair.

Spare Parts for Pool Equipment

Give us a call to find out if we carry the spare part that you’re chasing for your pool equipment. Call 07 5449 7199