Chemicals & Cleaning

Pool Balancing Chemicals for Sunshine Beach and Noosaville

Poolside Noosa have an extensive range of pool chemicals and cleaning tools on offer from our Noosa store, with highly-experienced staff to help you find the best chlorine, salt and chemicals for your pool. In over 30 years of operation, we’ve maintained our commitment to quality advice and tailored solutions for your pool. We offer free analysis of your pool water, and can tailor solutions to keep your pool healthy and resolve any lingering problems. After extensive analysis of all the major brands of cleaning chemicals, we’ve found that BioGuard chemicals offer the best products on the market in terms of value, quality and purity of the chemical solution itself.
Some of the common cleaning chemicals we stock include:

  • Chlorine (wet and dry);
  • Salt and Magnesium Salt;
  • Oxidizers, Alkalinity increasers;
  • Algaecides;
  • Clarifiers;
  • Stabilisers;
  • Calcium hardness Increasers;
  • Phosphate Removers;
  • Much, much more.

Before buying chemicals from us, we recommend bringing in a sample of your pool water for a free analysis in store, so we can better understand your pool and advise on what chemicals you should be adding to your pool water.

Liquid Chlorine or Dry Chlorine? Do I Need Salts?

If you have a chlorinator in your pool, you’ll need to add salt  –  ensure you have your salt level checked as too much or too little can be detrimental to your chlorinator. Chlorinators work by using electrolysis to convert the salts into chlorine as your pool pump is activated and allow for easier chlorination of the pool over manually pouring it in. If you have a regular chlorine pool, you can either use liquid chlorine or dry chlorine.  Dry, or granular chlorine, has a much longer shelf life.  Some Dry Chlorine also has the tendency to boost calcium, which may or may not be necessary for your pool, while others will increase stabiliser levels.  We sell both liquid and granular chlorine, because all pools are different and can respond differently to different chemicals.  Due to its short lifespan, all our liquid chlorine is no older than two weeks old when sold.

Oxidizers, Algaecides , Clarifiers and Phosphate Removers

These products are all used in the process of removing algae and murky green pool water. Algaecide should be used in conjunction with a shock treatment of oxidizer after your pool colour returns to normal from those chemicals, we recommend using a clarifier to remove the cloudy texture from the water. Phosphate removers are a great way to remove phosphates, a key accelerator to algae growth, which is what causes pools to turn green. If you don’t have any of these products to hand after your pool turns green, we recommend having one of our pool technicians attend site to fix any problems before they get worse, as if left unattended, green pools can turn to a blackish-green colour and may require a complete drain and replacement.

Other Cleaning Products:

In addition to our wide range of cleaning chemicals, we also carry pool scoops and leaf rakes, pump and skimmer baskets, vacuum heads and brushes to keep your pool clean. Visit our showroom to speak to one of our friendly staff to see what equipment and chemicals would be right for your pool, and bring in a sample of your water for a free in store analysis!

Pool Equipment Supply and Installation Services

Give us a call to find out if we carry the make and model of chlorinator, pump, heater or filter that you require and make an installation booking. Call 07 5449 7199.

Spare Parts

Spare Parts for Pool Equipment

Poolside Noosa stock a diverse range of spare parts for all types of pool equipment including parts for pool cleaners, heaters, chlorinators and pumps from our Noosa store. With over 30 years’ experience in the pool industry, we have a better understanding of what part is required for your equipment to work again, and our large facilities allow us to hold a greater range of parts than our competitors. Come into our showroom with your faulty equipment or a part number and have one of our technicians get your pool working properly again!

Our Repairs Workshop

Our large facilities and expert team of pool technicians allow us to offer extensive in-house servicing and a wide selection of spare parts. We’ve developed extensive ties to major manufacturers of pool equipment over our extensive time in the business, allowing us to source specialised parts for your equipment faster than anyone else. We’ve got parts for most major brands including, Hayward, Davey, Astral, Maytronics, Zodiac and many more.

Our range includes spare parts for:

  • Pool cleaners (robotic, suction and manual)
  • Pool Heaters (gas, electric element and heatpump)
  • Chlorinators
  • Pumps
  • A wide range of replacement wear items such as filters and baskets.

Furthermore, if you’re having trouble installing the new spare part, or are finding that it isn’t fixing the problem, you’re welcome to bring the difficult piece of equipment into our showroom for one of our technicians to inspect & assist you, or arrange for mobile maintenance and repair.

Spare Parts for Pool Equipment

Give us a call to find out if we carry the spare part that you’re chasing for your pool equipment. Call 07 5449 7199

Robotic Cleaners

Manual, Suction, Kreepy Krawly and Robotic Pool Cleaners

Poolside Noosa sell a wide range of manual, suction, kreepy krawly and robotic pool cleaners from our Noosa store. Our pool technicians and store staff can provide you with a tailored pool cleaning solution. We stock most major brands – visit our showroom to see our range and get advice from our team of pool care experts.

There’s so many pool cleaners on the market today to choose from to suit your needs, budget and pool size, and they can be separated into three distinct categories:

  • Manual Cleaners
  • Automatic Suction Cleaners
  • Robotic Cleaners

These are ordered in terms of affordability, and they’ll vary on their effectiveness, ease of use and time consumption.

Manual Cleaners

Manual cleaners are the most affordable option on the market but require the most work to use. The whole unit is simple, yet effective, and is much like a vacuum, except you’ll have it fitted to a telepole for you to move up and down your pool.

Suction Cleaners

Suction cleaners or ‘Kreepy Krawly’ are the pool cleaner you’re probably most familiar with. They use a suction end, powered by your pool pump system to catch micro-debris and dust along your pool before sending it through the filtration system. Suction cleaners are relatively cheap and the best thing about suction cleaners is that they’re ‘set and forget’; you will need to install it and place it into your pool (and empty the skimmer basket regularly), but you can leave it running and let it do the work for you.

Suction cleaners are best suited to people picking up micro-debris and dust. So, if your pool is surrounded by lots of trees or falling objects, it may be worthwhile to pick up a leaf canister to prevent wear and tear on your skimmer basket, pool pump and filter.

Robotic Cleaners

Robotic pool cleaners differ from suction cleaners in that they’re powered independently, meaning less wear and tear on your pool pump and filtration system, which in turn means less water pumping and less chemicals used. Compared to suction cleaners, they’re a bit more expensive, but once our customers have made the switch, they don’t look back. Robotic cleaners do a much more effective job at automatic cleaning and can pick up larger debris without hassle, making them great for larger pools and pools surrounded by trees.

Robotic cleaners are much easier to set up than a suction cleaner, and some robots even come with remote controls to keep your kids amused. Customer favourite brands we stock include Hayward, Maytronics and Kreepy Krawly branded pool robotic pool cleaners.

It is essential to frequently clean the filters within the unit to remove all debris collected in the cleaning process and avoid your robotic cleaner becoming jammed.

Professional Advice:

If you’re unsure what would be suited to your pool, bring in a picture of your pool and its surrounds into our showroom to have one of our expert pool technicians give you tailored advice on what pool cleaner is right for you.

Manual, Suction and Robotic Pool Cleaners

Get in touch with Poolside Noosa to discuss our range of pool cleaners and discover which one will suit your pool, requirements and budget. Call 07 5449 7199.

Pool Heaters

Electric Pool Heaters in Noosa

Poolside Noosa has a wide range of electric pool heaters and heat pumps available from their Noosa store, with expert staff to offer advice for your individual pool. We’ve been operating for over 30 years, and in that time, we’ve seen pool heating technology progress and become more affordable, and we have a thorough understanding of which types of pool heaters are suited to different pool types. Give us a call to have one of our technicians come out to give you an obligation free quotation and installation ideas.

Electric Pool Heaters

Get in touch with Poolside Noosa to discuss our range of gas and electric pool heaters and find out which one will suit your pool, requirements and budget the best. Call 07 5449 7199.

Chlorinator Pumps & Filters

Swimming Pool Chlorinators, Pumps and Filters

Poolside Noosa have been supplying and installing high-quality pool chlorinators, pumps and filters to Noosa residents for over 30 years. We can recommend the best products to suit your existing pool system, surrounding environment and budget. Whether it’s a new installation or a replacement of old equipment, our technicians and showroom staff are highly knowledgeable in all things pool maintenance and can offer a tailor-made solution for you.

Our showroom has extensive stock and because of our longstanding ties with manufacturers, we stock all leading brands, including offerings from Hayward, Davey and Astral, and can perform a professional installation for you after purchase. Please visit our showroom to see our broad range of chlorinators, pumps and filters.

What Is a Chlorinator and Why Should I Use One?

Chlorinators use salts rather than liquid or powdered chlorine, but their key difference is in their operation. Instead of manually adding chlorine to your pool, a chlorinator will use the process of electrolysis to add chlorine from salt, saving you time and effort.

Pumps and Filter Replacement:

Pumps are a central element of your pool, moving around water through the chlorinator and heater, collecting micro-debris through the filter in the process. Our technicians and store staff can recommend a high-quality new pump to suit the size and requirements of your swimming pool. Also on offer are eco-pumps, a slightly more premium option that’ll save you hundreds off your power bills.

We’ll give you a recommendation on how often you should use your pump depending on your pool size and environment to save you electricity costs and keep your pool healthy and clean.

Chlorinators, Pumps and Filters

Drop into our Noosa store or give us a call to discuss our full range of chlorinators, pumps and filters. Call 07 5449 7199