Robotic Cleaners

Manual, Suction, Kreepy Krawly and Robotic Pool Cleaners

Poolside Noosa sell a wide range of manual, suction, kreepy krawly and robotic pool cleaners from our Noosa store. Our pool technicians and store staff can provide you with a tailored pool cleaning solution. We stock most major brands – visit our showroom to see our range and get advice from our team of pool care experts.

There’s so many pool cleaners on the market today to choose from to suit your needs, budget and pool size, and they can be separated into three distinct categories:

  • Manual Cleaners
  • Automatic Suction Cleaners
  • Robotic Cleaners

These are ordered in terms of affordability, and they’ll vary on their effectiveness, ease of use and time consumption.

Manual Cleaners

Manual cleaners are the most affordable option on the market but require the most work to use. The whole unit is simple, yet effective, and is much like a vacuum, except you’ll have it fitted to a telepole for you to move up and down your pool.

Suction Cleaners

Suction cleaners or ‘Kreepy Krawly’ are the pool cleaner you’re probably most familiar with. They use a suction end, powered by your pool pump system to catch micro-debris and dust along your pool before sending it through the filtration system. Suction cleaners are relatively cheap and the best thing about suction cleaners is that they’re ‘set and forget’; you will need to install it and place it into your pool (and empty the skimmer basket regularly), but you can leave it running and let it do the work for you.

Suction cleaners are best suited to people picking up micro-debris and dust. So, if your pool is surrounded by lots of trees or falling objects, it may be worthwhile to pick up a leaf canister to prevent wear and tear on your skimmer basket, pool pump and filter.

Robotic Cleaners

Robotic pool cleaners differ from suction cleaners in that they’re powered independently, meaning less wear and tear on your pool pump and filtration system, which in turn means less water pumping and less chemicals used. Compared to suction cleaners, they’re a bit more expensive, but once our customers have made the switch, they don’t look back. Robotic cleaners do a much more effective job at automatic cleaning and can pick up larger debris without hassle, making them great for larger pools and pools surrounded by trees.

Robotic cleaners are much easier to set up than a suction cleaner, and some robots even come with remote controls to keep your kids amused. Customer favourite brands we stock include Hayward, Maytronics and Kreepy Krawly branded pool robotic pool cleaners.

It is essential to frequently clean the filters within the unit to remove all debris collected in the cleaning process and avoid your robotic cleaner becoming jammed.

Professional Advice:

If you’re unsure what would be suited to your pool, bring in a picture of your pool and its surrounds into our showroom to have one of our expert pool technicians give you tailored advice on what pool cleaner is right for you.

Manual, Suction and Robotic Pool Cleaners

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