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Noosa Pool Cleaning Services

Poolside Noosa has the most well-equipped team to handle all your pool cleaning and servicing requirements. Our fleet includes 8 vehicles constantly out on the road, allowing for quick response in your time of need. We have an in-house maintenance team and a wide range of spare parts and chemicals to ensure that you pool stays healthy and hygienic. Our technicians plan specifically for your pool on a needs basis, bringing with them many years’ worth of experience to deal with all problems your pool might face. To arrange a pool cleaning and analysis, give us a call or visit our showroom with a sample of your water for a free water analysis!

Our Noosa Pool Cleaning Packages:

Having your pool regularly cleaned is an important part of owning a pool. Leaving your pool unmaintained for longer than a month may result in algae that produces bacteria, E. coli and that distinctive gooey green colour. The best way to minimise this from occurring is by using a pool cover, cleaning and topping up chemicals regularly.

We’ve got options to suit all customers, from the occasional cleaner to the family that just wants the hassle of cleaning taken care for them completely.

Our Noosa pool cleaning packages include:

  • Regular Cleaning and Servicing
  • Once-off Cleaning
  • New Owner or Tenant Hand-over Visit

What services you need and how often you require them will depend entirely on your pool and our technician will advise you of this after performing an evaluation of your pool and its surrounds on arrival. Some pool owners opt for fortnightly cleans and services, and some just opt to have it done every few months when they don’t get the time to. We believe that everyone’s pools and circumstances are different, and offer different approaches based on what the pool needs.

Our menu of onsite pool packages include:

Our check & adjust, and pool cleaning services are thorough, and are normally scheduled on a weekly, two weekly or four weekly timeline. However, scheduled visits can occur at other time intervals to suit individual customers.  Our check & adjust visits include the following:

  • Check – Chlorine, pH and water chemistry with adjustment if required
  • Check of pump and Skimmer Baskets and clean if required
  • Check of water visually for any noticeable problems
  • Check of water level with adjustment if required
  • Check for filter pressure and backwash if required
  • Check of equipment for any audible or visual problems

Our pool cleaning service also includes a thorough vacuum of your pool and/or spa.

On your first cleaning, our technician will take a thorough inspection of your pool and its surrounding environment to give you an idea of what will be required as far as scheduled maintenance.

Alternatively, if you’d like to do most of the cleaning and chemical additions yourself, we can perform a basket clean, water balancing and pH check whenever you feel necessary for a small set fee.

Hand-Over Visits:

For those about to change tenants or about to purchase a new property with a pool, we can conduct a visit whereby we perform an analysis and evaluation of the pool and its requirements, inform you of the state of the pool and what will be required to ensure its upkeep, and a rough estimate on its ongoing costs. For those changing tenants, this will give your tenants a solid understanding of what is required of them to ensure that they take care of your property as expected. If you’re buying a new house, knowing the state of your pool can give you a better idea of the value of a house before signing a settlement.

Noosa Pool Cleaning Service

Get in touch to book a pool cleaning service in Noosa or request a quote for regular pool cleaning services. Call 07 5449 7199