Restoring Green Pools
Filthy backyard swimming pool and patio

Restoring Green Pools in Noosa

Poolside Noosa are experts in the restoring green and brown coloured water in pools, providing swift response to homes in the Noosa region. We offer quick restoration of the green pool water by removing the algae causing it, bringing your pool back to a more visually appealing, hygienic state. Our pool technicians stock a wide range of chemicals and equipment to quickly remove the algae before the problem gets worse – to request a quote, contact us today on 07 5449 7199.

Why is My Pool Green?

The green, murky colour of your pool is caused by algae appearing in your pool.  Once the algae develops, your pool will turn green and will develop bacteria if left for too long.  Algae can be caused by a number of different things, including a malfunctioning pump, filtration or flow problems and low chemical levels.  It is imperative to  get your pool checked , cleaned and topped up with the right chemicals following your pool becoming green.

We’ll often find that after large storms, customers who have previously been meticulous with pool care, suddenly have a green pool. This is most likely caused by your pump shutting off during the storm and not turning back on, or some other pump related issue. Just give us a call and we’ll be out quickly to assess the problem.

Act Fast to Save Your Pool

If you’ve woken up and suddenly found your pool to be green, we recommend giving us a call immediately to have a technician out to visit your pool. It’s important to act fast to avoid letting the green algae water develop into an even darker green, brown or black – if this does happen, draining and re-filling of your pool may become necessary.

We use a number of different chemicals and techniques to fix green swimming pools including:

  • Shock treatment chemicals
  • Algaecide
  • Clarifier

Green Swimming Pool Restoration

Get in touch to speak to one of our qualified team members about restoring your green pool water. Call 07 5449 7199.